Literacy - the single most important skill every child must develop.
LevelUp is the ONLY online library that ACTIVELY guides your child from beginning to fluent reader.

Over 2,000 books for only $48.00 for a full year’s access. That’s only $4.00 a month! For less than a cup of coffee at the drive thru window, you can have a state of the art learning tool in your home that teaches and motivates every young reader.

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Every child is different. But most online educational resources treat them all the same. As a result they simply don’t work.

LevelUp is very different. LevelUp understands each child individually...where they start out as a reader and what they personally need to grow and succeed.

Read yourself or read along! Optional highlighted text read alouds with volume control for every book! Illustration taken from the title Dinosaur Count.

LevelUp starts with a brief quiz that identifies your child's starting point as a reader. Then LevelUp’s sophisticated AI algorithms track and guide their growth every step of the way.

LevelUp recommends progressive reading challenges carefully matched to your child’s growing ability. LevelUp is far more than just an online library. It is a teaching tool that understands what your child needs. Then it responds with just right books and achievable reading challenges always proceeding at your childs pace, never too fast, never too slow.

Quick and easy assessment sets your child’s starting point!

Cindy Jackson, parent, long time teacher, and professional teacher trainer shares why LevelUp works for every child!

Free parent guide provides easy to follow suggestions so you can help your child get the most out of LevelUp. Simple parent reports help you measure your child’s progress and understand exactly their strengths and challenges. Easy to use parent tools allow you to focus your child’s reading experience exactly where they need the practice.

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16 Page Parent Handbook: Using LevelUp at Home, plus a Free Family Partnership Guide full of fun and useful ideas that will help your children learn and grow!

LevelUp is fun too! It rewards your child’s efforts to learn. Children earn stars every time they read a book and take a quiz. Children use their stars in LevelUp Land… ten different gaming worlds with advanced graphic design equal to popular games like Minecraft and Roblox. LevelUp is the teaching tool that children want to use!

LevelUp Land rewards your child with ten different fun and engaging game worlds where they use game stars earned while they learn.

Every book on Rosen LevelUp is an original print publication by Rosen Publishing. Want to have a copy of your child’s favorite book? LevelUp lets you print out every book in the library. NO other reading resource allows your child to make and keep his own book!


BE A VIRUS WARRIOR! A Kids’s Guide to Keeping Safe.

Replace fear of the unknown with facts by teaching everyone what they can control!


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